Wagyu steer Wagyu F2 Eric

Animal information

Name: Eric
Producer: Riversdale Wagyu, Northern Ireland
Sex: Male - steer
Birth date: 8th March 2019
Wagyu content: 75%
Sire: De Drie Morgen Dutch
Dam: Riversdale Olivia F1s
Date processed: 25th May 2021
Age: 26 months

Wagyu content and Prefectural analysis

Breed content of Riversdale F2s Eric

Eric is 75% Wagyu and 25% Shorthorn

Prefectural distribution for Riversdale Eric

Tajima is the highest content, followed by Kedaka+Tottori and then Okayama.

Predicted Breeding Values

The Riversdale Wagyu crossbreeding program commenced with Irish Kobe Mommu semen over Shorthorn, Angus and Angus/Friesian base heifers. F2 progeny were sired by De Drie Morgen Dutch semen and EBVs of the founding sires are shown:

Estimated Breding Values for Irish Kobe Mommu Black Wagyu sire

Estimated Breeding Values for De Drie Morgen Dutch Black Wagyu sire

Dam of Eric is Olivia, a F1 shorthorn cow sired by Irish Kobe Mommu. Mid-point parent EBVs for Eric are shown:Predicted Breeding Values for Riversdale Eric

The predictions from mid-parents in the pedigree have very low accuracy so are only indicative. Above average performance is expected for maternal traits.

A more favourable performance is expected from Grass finishing than from Grains.


Growth profile for RDL F2s Eric

A good start was provided by the F1 Shorthorn second calver through his first summer. This was followed by static weight until the next summer and then growth was steady until processing at 26 months of age. Some grain was provided from 400 days of age.

Grading of carcass

Measurements were recorded on site and images sent to Wagyu International for independent grading.

75% Wagyu F2 shorthorn Eric sirloin


An image showing fat deposition:

Inverted image of F2 Wagyu shorthorn steer Eric

Final weight: 702 kg on 5th July 2021

Rib Fat Thickness: 10.5 mm

Marble Score: 9

Marble Fineness: 28

Marble Coarseness (moderate): 7

Marble Coarseness (heavy): 4

Hot dressed weight: 365.1 kg

Retail weight: 256.5 kg

Dressing %: 52.0%

Retail %: 70.3%

Meat quality grade:

Fat quality grade:

Wagyu International Score:

A full brother that was processed at a heavier weight gave a similar result except that there was no heavy coarse marbling. This suggests that growth rate has a stronger influence than genetics on the presence of heavy coarse marbling. There is a high presence of IMF% despite the relatively low Marble Score predictions from the pedigree.

Details about Wagyu International Carcass Grading can be viewed by clicking here.