Wagyu steer Q4

Animal information

Name: Q4
Producer: New Zealand
Sex: Male - steer
Birth date: January 2019
Wagyu content: 93.4%
Sire: Bimbi Itoshigefuji 2/1
Dam: 48
Date processed: 7th July 2021
Age: 30 months
Fat condition score: 4

Wagyu content and Prefectural analysis

Breed composition of Wagyu 93% steer Q4

There is 6% Friesian and 0.3% Other Breed with 93.4% Wagyu content.

Prefectural composition of Wagyu content in 93% Wagyu Q4

25% Wagyu content is unknown in the Purebred but Tajima is just higher higher than Itozakura. Third highest is Okayama.

Predicted Breeding Values

Predicted Breeding Values for 93% Wagyu content Oak Range Q4 steer processed 7 july 2021


Q4 was raised on open pastures in Waikato district. While roaming free range in a small group he had access to natural grains for the final phase.

Growth profile for 93% Wagyu content steer Q4

Q4 has consistently been the heaviest steer out on the pasture so exceeded 700 kg live weight many months months before his peers.

Grading of carcass

Measurements were recorded on site and images sent to Wagyu International for independent grading.

Scotch fillet from 93% Wagyu content Q4 steer

An image showing fat deposition:

Scotch fillet from 93% Wagyu content steer Q4 showing fat deposition

Final weight: 734 kg on 5th July 2021

Rib Fat Thickness: 11 mm

Marble Score: 2

Marble Fineness: 4

Marble Coarseness: 0

Hot dressed weight:

Retail weight:

Dressing %:

Retail %:

Meat quality grade:

Fat quality grade:

Wagyu International Score:

Details about Wagyu International Carcass Grading can be viewed by clicking here.