Wagyu heifer Wakarua 168/16

Animal information

Name: Wakarua 468-16
Sex: Female - heifer
Birth date: July 2018
Wagyu content: 98.4%
Sire: Newbry Ridge 43/06
Dam: Wakarua 210/02
Date processed: 7th July 2021
Age: 36 months
Fat condition score:

Wagyu content and Prefectural analysis

Breed content for Wagyu heifer Wakarua 468/16

Wakarua 468/16 was 98.4% Wagyu content.

Prefectural composition of WaGYU HEIFER wAKARUA 468/16


Predicted Breeding Values

Chart of predicted Breeding Values for Wakarua 468/16

A high growth and milk potential female has been processed after failing to conceive. Nutrition has been balanced and finishing was long enough to compromise for a relatively low inheritance for marbling in her pedigree.


Wakarua 468/16 was raised on open pastures in Waikato district. While roaming free range in a small group she had access to natural grains for the final phase.

Growth profile for Wagyu heifer Wakaurua 468/16

Grading of carcass

Measurements were recorded on site and images sent to Wagyu International for independent grading.

98% Wagyu content heifer Wakarua 468/16 scotch fillet

An image showing fat deposition:

Inverted image of Wakarua 468/16 showing fat depots

Final weight: 594 kg on 5th July 2021

Rib Fat Thickness: 25 mm

Marble Score: 6

Marble Fineness: 20

Marble Coarseness (moderate): 2

Hot dressed weight:

Retail weight:

Dressing %:

Retail %:

Meat quality grade:

Fat quality grade:

Wagyu International Score:

Parts of the Scotch fillet were of a higher marble score with widespread fineness of marbling. Coarseness of marbling was not excessive and presentation at 36 months of age after hanging for three weeks should provide a favourable texture and quality.

With the strong presence of backfat the processing has taken place at the perfect age.

Details about Wagyu International Carcass Grading can be viewed by clicking here.