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Ohanasaki Wagyu reduction sale 2022

Bids have been placed in the Ohanasaki Wagyu reduction sale from Wagyu Ireland up until 30th May 2022. Ohanasaki Wagyu sign for Wagyu Ireland herd of Oliver O'HanlonThe catalogue has been posted on this page together with bidding sheets. Oliver O'Hanlon introduced Wagyu to Ireland with the importation of slightly more than 50 fullblood embryos from Australia. The Wagyu Ireland herd in Kilcullen has a balance between milk from Fukutsuru and marbling qualities from Michifuku and Wagyu cows and calves on pasture at Wagyu IrelandItohana 2 in the foundation Lake Wagyu embryos. The herd is registered with the Australian Wagyu Association so that pedigrees can be traced back to Japan. Over 15 years Oliver has become established in the sale of Wagyu semen, embryos, breeding stock and highly marbled beef in Ireland.

Subsequently Oliver imported more embryos and semen from leading Australian exporters to take advantage of the ongoing genomic improvements.

Ohanasaki Breda has proven to be the most influential donor that was raised at Wagyu Ireland. Her ancestor Dai 2 Kinntou is also the backbone to Simon Coates' success in his Sumo herd. Two year old heifer Ohasakai Roisin on Wagyu Ireland saleBreda turns 13 in May 2022 and has 56 progeny that are registered with the Australia Wagyu Association in 9 operations. Breda's flush brother, Ohanasaki Brilliant also brings growth, milk and size so has been used extensively.

One of the high-carcass quality sires from Australia, Trent Bridge F115, has stamped a niche with Oliver's large cows. Some two year old heifers (Ohanasaki Roisin) and a bull are on offer. Ohanasaki Ringo is a yearling bull but he is already strong phenotypically and his high genomic carcass EBVs confirm the contribution from his sire Trent Bridge F115.

Other sires of progeny that are on offer are: Macquarie Prelude, Ginjo Marblemax Hiranami B901 and Ginjo Hatshira K930.Yearling Ohanasaki Ringo fullblood bull on Wagyu Ireland sale

His livestock numbers have built up so he has to destock and many are related so the timing is perfect for the online reduction sale - the first for Wagyu in Ireland. It is the ideal opportunity for newcomers who want to begin producing Wagyu in Europe. Established breeders will also be able to bring in niche Wagyu genetics into their herds.

Photographs and an article on Oliver and his Wagyu can be viewed, click here.

There are 31 females on offer, and six bulls. There are two Lots with 2 Fullblood steers in each. Embryos are offered from two donors in batches of ten using Trent Bridge F115 semen or semen that can be provided by the Bidder. Semen from two sires at three depots is also offered.

There are 44 Lots on offer.

The sale was awarded to the highest Bidder for each Lot from emails that have been received by Wagyu International before midnight (Dublin/London time) on 30th May 2022.

Bidding totalled 160,250 € in value. Oliver has been sent the list of Bids and is discussing highest offers that are below reserve before invoices will be sent out.

Final prices settled are not available yet.

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