Ohanasaki Brilliant - semen and bull for sale

Identifier OHAFE90233
Sex Male
Tattoo E90233
Birth date 12 May 2009
Calving date 2009
Registration status Registered Australia
Sire Takeda Farm Fukutsuru 004
Dam Lake Wagyu Y047
Breeder Lake Wagyu
Owner Oliver O'Hanlon
Grade Fullblood
Colour Black
Wagyu Content 100%
DNA # B153998 Verified to parents
Genetic Test Status B3 F, CHS F, CL16 F, F11 C
Gene Tests B3 Free, CHS Free, CL16 Free, F11 Carrier
Prefectural Group D
Prefectural bloodlines 59% Tajima, 6% Kedaka, 0% Tottori, 27% Itozakura, 3% Shimane, 0.4% Hiroshima and 5% Other
Consolidation 59% Tajima, 7% Kedaka and 30% Fujiyoshi

Ohanasaki Brilliant bull accredited for export owned by Oliver O'Hanlon of Wagyu Ireland

Ohanasaki Brilliant was born in Ireland from an imported embryo implanted into a local recipient cow. His sire is TF Fukutsuru 004 with donor Lake Wagyu Y047. Highly marbled beef from progeny from Brilliant has been served in the premiere restaurants of Dublin. Wagyu Ireland is a member of the Australian Wagyu Association and the herd is registered after DNA parent verification.

Estimated Breeding Values for Ohanasaki Brilliant from Australian Breedplan are tabled:

EBVs for Ohanasaki Brillant smen for export through EU Black Wagyu bull from Wagyu Ireland

Paternal grand-sire, Fukutsuru 068, brings both Yasumi Doi and Kikumu Doi Tajima families. He is trait leader for milk but he is also for birth weight and gestation length. Fujiyoshi comes primarily from Itomichi and Blackmore Dai 2 Kinntou W181 while Itozuru Doi contributes Tajima with Kedaka and Itozakura. The Marbling Fineness EBV of +0.19 has an accuracy of 52% and this score is in the Top 33% of the Wagyu herd. In other words, this EBV is in the Top one third, so he is predicted to pass on higher fineness of marbling than two thirds of the herd.

The Kedaka and Fujiyoshi bloodlines have contributed to give positive growth EBVs so he will also contribute to some growth of his progeny. The Fullblood Terminal Index is in the Top 40% and Marble Score (IMF%) and Marble Fineness EBVs are strong so he will contribute to producing quality carcasses from the F1 cross. The Carcase Weight EBV is also within the Top 30%. This is attributed to the higher rate of finishing that comes from Fukutsuru so will be beneficial during F1 finishing.

Ohanasaki Brilliant is a carrier for the non-lethal recessive condition Factor XI (F11). Affected animals have been found to have a slower blood clotting time in the laboratory but no clinical symptoms have been recorded. There is also speculation from observations in 2011 in USA that there may be early embryonic losses from F11 but no results from research have resolved the controversy yet.

A carrier should not be joined with an untested Wagyu but it can be safely crossed over other breeds in a terminal cross. Brilliant can be used for terminal crossing for F1 production. Ohanasaki Brilliant has the added advantage of low birth weight so can be used with confidence for crossbreeding too.

Semen is available for export from Ireland. Contact Oliver or Wagyu International for your requirements.

338 son of Ohanasaki Brilliant at Wagyu Ireland owned by Oliver O'Hanlon