Wagyu beef for export from Australia

Wagyu cows calves and bull grazing on pasture around dam in South Eastern Highlands of Australia

Fullblood Wagyu are raised on two adjoining properties in the South Eastern Highlands in the Riverina Region. Despite its location in a reliable rain catchment area, the impact of drought is reduced by pumping water up to storage dams in the hills. It is gravity fed through central pivots on improved pastures. Half of the animal's life is spent on grass during those essential stages of early development - firstly suckling off the mother and then growing healthily on luxurious grass.

Steve has studied the principles that Japanese producers apply to enable the Wagyu breed to fully develop then to marble by storing mono-unsaturated fats within the muscle fibres. The best quality beef is produced in Japan and strict quality standards apply for Kobe, Ohmi and Mutsusaka beef to be labelled and sold under those prestigious brands in Japan. Standards for quality and origin within Japan criteria apply to these and other premier Wagyu beef brands so generally they are not used outside Japan. Quality of Wagyu beef is determined by a culmination of marbling, colour and brightness, firmness and texture, and lustre and fat quality.

Working bull on pasure at Bonnie Doon Wagyu property

The demand for Wagyu is very strong around the world as customers have acquired an appreciation for the ultimate in enjoying beef. To cater for the growing demand globally, 50% crossbred Wagyu is sold and this also allows it be affordable to more customers. This operation is determined to supply 100% pure Wagyu and, with their pedigrees backed up by DNA parent verification, they can be traced back to their ancestors back in Japan. Their brand has the highest eating quality and the most favourable health profile from contented animals that have been raised in a caring and sustainable environment. The whole Wagyu industry has been reducing the age of processing, including in Japan where they are also facing constraints, but the processes used here will remain efficient and sustainable without compromising on the highest quality and are constantly reviewed. Natural feeds are provided, including silage, after the early growth on grass.

Horse in the hills above Bonnie Doon Wagyu property

The highest quality 100% pure Wagyu beef will be exported to Japan and USA.

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