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Wagyu Ireland has ready-to-use bulls for sale. Four bulls are rising two year old and the fifth is a senior bull who is coming on to his daughters now. Oliver 0341 son of Ohanasaki Brilliant of Wagyu Ireland owned by Oliver O'HanlonO'Hanlon introduced Wagyu to Ireland in 2008 with the importation of fullblood embryos from Australia. The herd is registered with the Australian Wagyu Association so that pedigrees can be traced back to Japan. He has been supplying semen and embryos, implanted surogates, breeding anaimals and to quality Wagyu beef to his home country and the mainland European Union.

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The two year old bulls - Ohanasaki Hans, Ohanasaki Hero, Ohanasaki Horrace and Ohanasaki Hugo are from the same breeding and all are born in June 2015.

Sire is Irish Kobe Fuji and was bred by Gordon Dennis of Newbry Ridge in New Zealand. His sire is Newbry Ridge Okumiyako with Terutani TF40 and Michifuke breeding. Dam is Newbry Ridge Hirsken from sire Hirashigetayasu "001" and maternal grand-sire Itomichi 1/2.

These "H" bulls are classified as "Group D" within the Fullblood Rotational Breeding Programme which was designed by Mr Shogo Takeda for sustainable breeding of Wagyu fullblood herds. He is also borderline with group C because of maternal traits from strong Kedaka and Fujiyoshi bloodlines. The general descriptor for Group D is “Medium Size, Better Marbling and Average Maternal Sire”. Comprising majority Tajima genetics on 55% and with strong marbling EBVs, they are classified Group D. Fujiyoshi lines combine to 25% and Kedaka another 16%.

Ohanasaki Breda Black Wagyu donor from Wagyu Ireland owned by Oliver O'Hanlon

Dam is Ohanasaki Breda from Wagyu Ireland. She is a proven breeder and in her eighth year. Her paternal grand-sire is Tajima Fukutsuru J068 whose most valuable attributes are maternal traits milk and low birth weight. Ohanasaki Breda's Breedplan estimated breeding values are positive for growth, size, milk production, marble score and fineness of marbling from both sides of her pedigree.Itomichi 1/2 with a Marble score EBV of +0.5 is responsible for the strong marbling and fineness of marbling is from Itozuru Doi TF151. Milk EBV of +7 kg is strong and is consistent on both sides but strongest contribution comes from trait leader Itomichi 1/2 with +12 kg. Growth rate is virtually on par with average for the benchmark 2015 born calf crop and is primarily driven from Lake Wagyu Y047 breeding. Ohanasaki Breda has the added advantage of low birth weight.

These "H" bulls do not have any data that has been submitted to Breedplan but estimated breeding values (EBVs) have been predicted from known ancestors in the pedigree that have been evaluated by data from their progeny. Without data from progeny, the accuracies of these estimates are in the lower range but these predictions give a useful insight into breeding value.

Estimated breeding values for H bulls from Wagyu Ireland offered for sale on Wagyu International website

The EBVs and their accuracies and a comparison can be made with the Breed average which is the average for 2015 born Wagyu. Growth is well aligned with the average. The Milk EBV of +5kg is in the Top 11% of the Wagyu herd. In other words, this EBV is in the Top 11%, so that these H bulls are predicted to pass on higher milk production to daughters than 89% of the herd. Marble fineness EBV is in the Top 33% and Carcass weight EBV is in the Top 37%. The Fullblood Terminal Index is in the Top 45% and Marble Score (IMF%) EBV is almost mid-point.

The Kedaka and Fujiyoshi bloodlines have contributed to give positive growth EBVs so these bulls will contribute to some growth in their offspring.The carcass qualities will also present excellent marbling when finished. The Carcase Weight EBV is attributed to the higher rate of finishing that comes from Fukutsuru so will be beneficial during F1 finishing with a quicker time to reach finishing requirements.

The diverse genetic background in the breeding of these bulls will ensure that quality performance will be expected from these young bulls for both breeding herd establishment and quality carcass production.

The senior sire, Ohanasaki Brilliant can be viewed on another page on this site. Click here.

Ohanasaki Brilliant bull accredited for export owned by Oliver O'Hanlon of Wagyu Ireland


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