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The Austrian Wagyu Association is based in Oetz in the Ötz Valley.

13 farmers attended the first Austrian breeders meeting that was held by the association in August 2012. The concept of Wagyu and the objects of association were discussed during the five hour presentation. Speakers were Andreas and Benediktor Scheiring and Peter Beiler.

The Wagyu breed has been officially introduced in Map of Austria showing Wagyu breedersAustria with breeding guidelines so quality from local production can be maintained in the long term. Breeders will receive technical advice to assist with breeding and production and a breed register will be available. A seal will certify authenticity. Breeders, producers and restaurateurs will unite for sustainability of the industry. “Wagyu is not just breeding. It combines both art and craft, finally to get to a product, which is at the top of the food pyramid. The quality of premium Wagyu depends on many factors. The choice of ideal genetics, the proper definition and implementation of a breeding goal, the quality of feed, health and well-being of cattle are all crucial for Wagyu and last, but not least, plenty of top grade beef”.

A number of meetings have been held with members and stakeholdesr in the industry. Wagyu cuts have been analysed from an F2 steer that been raised on pasture without supplementation and assisted with the catering for the gathering. Another Wagyu steer was slaughtered at 30 months with a live weight of 830 kilograms and a carcase weight of 410 kilogram with a diet of straw, grass, maize and fodder. It was sold to restaurants in Tyrol after wet ageing.

The on-line herd book was completed in December 2012 and first registrations were due from January 2013. The association statutes were released in January 2013.

Ex-professional cyclist Gerhard Zadrobileks is a renowned Wagyu breeder with “Kobe Beef Austria” in Laab im Walde near Vienna. He had a few Scottish Highland cattle but was given a breeding bull for his 30th birthday. However after tasting Wagyu for the first time in 2006 he wanted to breed them. He bought embryos and after an arduous journey his herd started to grow. They graze on lush pastures and receive some grain supplements. He has bred up to 18 head now. "Kobe Beef Austria" is served in discerning restaurants. Beef can be ordered online through "Wiesbauer Gourmet" but orders usually go straight to the backlog.

Peter Trixner has produced his first Wagyu carcase from “Okami Wagyu” near Klagenfurt, Austria. Peter and his wife Petra own a beautiful ranch on a hillside with the Austrian Alps in the distance. They are raising Wagyu and Wagyu - Charolais crosses. The Wagyu is from Tajima bloodlines. Peter will be supplying to the hotel’s restaurants that he has an interest in. The Lake's hotel located in nearby Portschach am Worthersee was featuring some of Peter's beef last summer.

Semen & Embryos accredited for export to Austria and EU:

Goorambat DoubleSixty K473 Black Goorambat Wagyu
Goorambat Mr Marble K483 Black Goorambat Wagyu
Goorambat Terutani F145 Black Goorambat Wagyu
GWG 1010 Kinuyasudoi Black German Wagyu Academy
GWG 1027 Hikoshigefuji Black German Wagyu Academy
GWG 1108 Itoshigenami Black German Wagyu Academy
Hirashiget WG045 Black Wagyu-Genetics
IWG Itomoritayasu 107 Black Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Judo 79Z Red Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Kimifuku 117 Black Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Rueshaw 74Z Red Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Umemaru 69Z Red Idaho Wagyu Genetics
Kalanga Red Star C402 Red Bald Ridge Wagyu
Lake Wagyu C87 (+ sexed) Black Lake Wagyu
Ohanasaki Brilliant Black Wagyu Ireland
Sumo Michifuku K430 Black Goorambat Wagyu
Trent Bridge F115 Black Wagyu International
Echigo Farms Maifuku ♂
Goorambat H284 ♀
Black Goorambat Wagyu
Irish Kobe Fuji ♂
Ohanasaki Breda ♀
Black Wagyu Ireland
Goorambat DoubleSixty K473 ♂
Goorambat K552
Black Goorambat Wagyu
IWG Itomoritayasu 107 ♂
IWG Ms Kimifuku 022X ♀
Black Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Itomoritayasu 107 ♂
Ms CHR Kitaguni 245T♀
Black Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Kimifuku 117 ♂
IWG Ms Itoshigenami 023X ♀
Black Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Rueshaw ♂
Coates Tsuki ♀
Red Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Umemaru ♂
Coates Taiyo ♀
Red Idaho Wagyu Genetics
Lake Wagyu C87 ♂
Lake Wagyu E008 ♀
Black Lake Wagyu
Lake Wagyu C87 ♂
Moyhu H130 ♀
Black Lake Wagyu
SPL Yojimbo Mr Shou 05 ♂
Ohanasaki Breda ♀
Black Wagyu Ireland
SPL Yojimbo Mr Shou 05 ♂
Ohanasaki Harriet ♀
Black Wagyu Ireland



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