Wagyu around the World - Belgium

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Château Altembrouck used to be hidden among the woods and hills of the Belgian border region with the Map of Belgium showing Wagyu producersstyle associated with a 18th century castle.

A long driveway has wound from the gatehouse past ponds with black swans to the castle since 1314. This is where the local nobles from the 18th Century liked to spend their summers close to Maastricht, Aachen and Liege.Wagyu at Chateaux Altembrouck

In 1998 Wagyu cattle were introduced in Europe to Altembrouck.

Agricultural developments are an inspiring background that make the castle a unique location for brainstorming sessions, seminars, receptions and parties.

Altembrouck has a herd of Wagyu and Magalitza hogs on its grounds. The business has been taken over by Readen Holding Corp from the Netherlands who also acquired some Wagyu herds in Holland too.

The estate is open to the public and surprises its guests with products from the estate. Besides the home grown Wagyu beef, there are Japanese Kurobuta pig, Kurohitsu lamb and Primavera calf.