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'Wagyu Bio-Tech' was established in May 2008 for the breeding, production of beef and the sale of semen, Map of Chinaembryos and breeding animals. The key site is in Beijing Huairou District. Breeding takes place at another two properties at Chiping and at Laixi in Shandong District.

Wagyu Bio-Tech became members of the Australian Wagyu Association in 2011. Feeding hay to Wagyu in feedlot at Wagyu Bio-Tech in ChinaThis enabled the registration of progeny which were introduced from Australia as frozen embryos through Global Reproduction Services.

Rapid growth of numbers has taken place since 2012. The following year there were 1,200 pure Wagyu (of which 219 are registered with the Australian Wagyu Association as Fullbloods). 200 pure Wagyu were slaughtered. 200,000 doses of semen and 8,000 embryos were produced.

On 14th September 2013 collaboration was officially launched between Wagyu Bio-Tech and Beijing Animal Wagyu beef from ChinaHusbandry for technology and development in the "high quality beef" industry.

Sven Fu offers semen, embryos and beef through 'Australia Wagyu' and has 99 registered Wagyu in Australia and facilities in Hong Kong.

'Central Asia Livestock' in Hong Kong is another member of the Australian Wagyu Association.

Beef is a high growth industry in China as consumption is growing. Rabobank reported per capita consumption of pork is 40kg, 13 kg for chicken and 6 kg of beef. Last year, China’s beef imports from mainly Australia, Uruguay, New Zealand, Canada and Argentina exceeded 300,000 mt at a value of USD 1.33 billion. Year-to-date this is being exceeded by 30%. Countries vying for this market are Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, North America, Europe, India and Australia. Japan is driving production from Holstein with a 10,000 Holstein head feedlot in proximity with the 40,000 head dairy farms in Shangdong Province. Imports from Argentina have increased in 2015 with 35% of Argentina exports now going to China because of slowing exports due to recession in Russia.

China is one of the remaining large markets that remains completely closed to U.S. beef but BSE visits to USA have been concluded. The Hong Kong market agreed in June 2014 to further expand access for imports of U.S. beef.


Semen & Embryos accredited for export to China:

Bald Ridge Henshin Red Semen Bald Ridge Wagyu
Bimbi Itoshigefuji 2/1 Black Semen Oasis Collection Centre
Bimbi Michiyama Black Semen Oasis Collection Centre
Goorambat Terutani F146 Black Semen Goorambat Wagyu
Kalanga Red Star C402 Red Semen Bald Ridge Wagyu
Lake Wagyu C86 Black Semen Lake Wagyu
Lake Wagyu C87 Black Semen Lake Wagyu
Moyhu F054 Black Semen Lake Wagyu
Peppermill Grove D139 Black Semen Goorambat Wagyu
Sumo Seisakushu C221 Red Semen Gabni Wagyu
Goorambat Terutani F146 none Peppermill Grove E019 Black Embryo Goorambat Wagyu



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