Wagyu around the World - Denmark

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Jørn Steenstrup is a Wagyu breeder in Oppesundby Map of Denmark showing Wagyu breedersin Denmark. The first production run was from Wagyu cross Hereford which were produced from imported Wagyu semen from Australia. Embryos were imported to create the “Isleholm Wagyu” herd.

They have the choice of grazing Isleholm Wagyu in Denmarkoutside or staying indoors. They spend a couple of hours a day in the barn to be fed, checked and so that regular contact is maintained. Mozart music is played and they are massaged. Jørn has a Hornbeer while his stock has Hornbeer mash.

There are 22 Wagyu on the 5 hectare farm out of the total 119 head throughout Denmark. Pure Wagyu are registered with the Australian Wagyu Association. Semen is on sale from Mazda Wagyu James and Lochinvar Douglass (both Black Wagyu) and from Red Wagyu bulls Ashwood FX 007 and Ashwood FX 013.

Some Isleholm Wagyu bulls have been sold to commercial breeders for crossing - primarily with Angus.


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