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The cattle population in Indonesia is around 15 million head. Production of beef was considered to be 72% of domestic demand in 2010. The government has been supporting domestic production through training, provisions of artificial insemination and integration between smallholders with commercial feedlots. The aim is to reduce Indonesia’s dependence on cattle and beef imports by raising to 90% self-sufficiency in 2014. Average herd size is 2.8 head per farm and mixed farming is widespread.

The drive for self-sufficiency of beef is under threat from rising inflation. Import quotas will be monitored each quarter, but there are indications that permits for the first quarter of 2014 will allow large increases. Potentially, there may be a market for 750,000 head from Australia. However, Gita Wirjawan, Indonesian Trade Minister, announced that 25% of all cattle import consignments will be required to comprise heifers.

One joint venture in Temanggung in Central Java Map of Indonesia showing Wagyu breedersinvolves the Australian, Indonesian and Central Java Governments as major stakeholders. Mazda Wagyu International Pty Ltd is providing Wagyu genetics from Australia. The company Sijiro Indonesia has been established so that rural farmers can improve the quality of their cattle and increase numbers so that they can improve their social and economic condition. A modern and sophisticated “Centre of Excellence” is being built to provide technology, breeding, genetic management, education and technical advice to the farmers. Red Wagyu will be bred and inseminated to local cattle. Embryos are to be implanted too. In turn, genetics will be exported from Indonesia and a permit has been granted to export to the European Union.

The first 9 red Wagyu bulls arrived in Temanggung in May 2012 after undergoing a quarantine period in Cianjur, West Java. A total of 200 Wagyu females and 100 Wagyu bulls have been shipped from Australia.


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