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The Boran beef breed is popular in Kenya and evolved in Ethiopa with mainly Zebu blood. There are taurine infusions but is considered to have been stable since 700AD.

Boran bull in Kenya

Boran exhibit heterosis and several producers have been using Wagyu semen over Boran heifers with success in Kenya. These are some photos of F1.

F1 calf born from Lake Wagyu C87 sire from Boran heifer in Kenya on Wagyu International Kenya page

A Wagyu cross calf from a Boran heifer.

Boran heifer with F1 calf from Wagyu semen in Kenya

F1 Boran heifer at three months

Boran heifer with F1 Wagyu calf in Kenya

F1 Boran heifer at six months.

Boran heifer behind her six month old F1 Wagyu heifer calf aged 6 months in Kenya

F1 Wagyu Boran heifer at six months of gae in Kenya


Wagyu cross Boran heifer at weaning

Wagyu cross boran weaner heifer with its Boran heifer dam at weaning in Kenya


Wagyu cross Boran heifer at weaning in Kenya

A maternal Wagyu sire, such as Hirashiget WG045, is recommended to open the Boran heifer in the first cross. An excellent terminal sire to use over F1 heifers is Trent Bridge F115 to produce F2. More information here.


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