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Rob Baarsma contributed immensely to Wagyu breeding in Europe through his operation in the Netherlands. He farmed on De Drie Morgen with Caroline Zeevenhooven for ten years from 2003. Map with Wagyu breeders in Netherlands

It is located in the northern part of Wormer and Jisperveld next to a nature reserve belonging to the Natuurmonumenten. This region of Holland consists of former peat bogs and now has the largest fields in Western Europe and one of the most beautiful wetlands in Western Holland. De Drie Morgen covers 79 acres which includes 67 acres of pasture.

Embryos were imported from Australia and implanted in Dutch surrogate cows. The first two groups of calves were born in November 2005 and January 2006. The bloodlines were pure Wagyu which were traced back to Japan and other herds De Drie Morgen homestead by airwere established in Europe from De Drie Morgen embryos as diversity was maintained with genetics from Takeda Farms. Pure Wagyu embryos, semen and bulls have been available and Wagyu beef was available from Vermaning Horecaservice.

This property and livestock was placed on the market in September 2013. Readen Holding Corp took over the herd as well as Altembrouck in Belgium.

Hoeve Galouppe is the home of a Wagyu herd on pasture in the hills of the Netherlands in the south at Gulpen. Theo and Monica van der Burg moved there 10 years ago. They stopped dairying when they introduced Dutch Red and Whites. Wagyu heifers were imported from Germany in 2012 and in a Tajima / Fujiyoshi / Kedaka combination, semen from the UK is maintaining the diversity of the breed. Embryos are presently available for purchase Photo of Peter Geboers of Petrus Wagyu with Kikofrom two Wagyu dams from Galouppe.

Peter Geboers and Stans Dongelmans have been in the house of the Opwettense Mill since 1989 in the Dommeldal - the region around the Dommel River. The operation is certified to be organic. Aberdeen Angus were raised in the meadows and grounds of the orchard then Wagyu were introduced using frozen embryos from USA. Embryos and semen from Petrus Wagyu are sold and they are EU compliant. Petrus Wagyu genetics have been acquired by Readen Holding Corp.

Sjeng Snakes pioneered in the farming region of Vuelen in 1936. He has 12 childern with his wife Maria. Bianca Antoinette Geritsen-Snakes, the oldest daughter of Daniel Jan Snakes, took over Wagyu Farm in 2014 with her husband, Drake. They sell Wagyu produce quite widely, mainly from their own farm.

Wagyu Semen & Embryo for Netherlands and EU:

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Goorambat DoubleSixty K473 Black Goorambat Wagyu
Goorambat Mr Marble K483 Black Goorambat Wagyu
Goorambat Terutani F145 Black Goorambat Wagyu
GWG 1010 Kinuyasudoi Black German Wagyu Academy
GWG 1027 Hikoshigefuji Black German Wagyu Academy
GWG 1108 Itoshigenami Black German Wagyu Academy
Hirashiget WG045 Black Wagyu-Genetics
IWG Itomoritayasu 107 Black Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Judo 79Z Red Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Kimifuku 117 Black Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Rueshaw 74Z Red Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Umemaru 69Z Red Idaho Wagyu Genetics
Kalanga Red Star C402 Red Bald Ridge Wagyu
Lake Wagyu C87 (+ sexed) Black Lake Wagyu
Ohanasaki Brilliant Black Wagyu Ireland
Sumo Michifuku K430 Black Goorambat Wagyu
Trent Bridge F115 Black Wagyu International
Echigo Farms Maifuku ♂
Goorambat H284 ♀
Black Goorambat Wagyu
Irish Kobe Fuji ♂
Ohanasaki Breda ♀
Black Wagyu Ireland
Goorambat DoubleSixty K473 ♂
Goorambat K552
Black Goorambat Wagyu
IWG Itomoritayasu 107 ♂
IWG Ms Kimifuku 022X ♀
Black Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Itomoritayasu 107 ♂
Ms CHR Kitaguni 245T♀
Black Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Kimifuku 117 ♂
IWG Ms Itoshigenami 023X ♀
Black Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Rueshaw ♂
Coates Tsuki ♀
Red Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Umemaru ♂
Coates Taiyo ♀
Red Idaho Wagyu Genetics
Lake Wagyu C87 ♂
Lake Wagyu E008 ♀
Black Lake Wagyu
Lake Wagyu C87 ♂
Moyhu H130 ♀
Black Lake Wagyu
SPL Yojimbo Mr Shou 05 ♂
Ohanasaki Breda ♀
Black Wagyu Ireland
SPL Yojimbo Mr Shou 05 ♂
Ohanasaki Harriet ♀
Black Wagyu Ireland

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