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Wagyu beef has become extremely popular in the Philippines and several restaurants Map of Philippinesspecialise in serving it.

Wagyu and authentic Kobe beef was imported from Japan until the outbreak of Mad Cow Disease in Japan in 2001. The Philippines is an important market for Wagyu from Australia. Kitayama Wagyu cooked on block

Kitayama Wagyu is produced locally by Umalag Farms of Ramcar Group at Bukidnon in the hills of northern Mindanao. Wagyu are crossed with native cattle and this enables the Wagyu taste to be available at a reasonable price. There are about 3,000 F2 Wagyu cross that are 75% Wagyu content.

Its meatshop along Pasong Tamo, across Makati Cinema Square sells various cuts. Grading have been consistently ranging from 5 to 8 Marble Score. This is satisfactory marbling, fresh and full of flavour.

Paul Alcoreza and Arnel Corpuz of Adelaide River Farm have started to produce Wagyu in Polomolok, South Cotabato. The climate is very hot there so they have started with a small herd. These are some photos taken by Mayette Tudlas, MinDA OC.

Arnel Corpuz with Wagyu at Adelaide River Farm in the Phillipines

Red Wagyu bull at Adelaide River Farm in the Phillipines

Adelaide River Farm in the Phillipines Wagyu cattle

Wagyu cow at Adelaide River Farm in the Phillipines


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