Wagyu around the World - South Africa

There are 110 members of the Wagyu Society of South Africa (WSA). President is Frans Stapelberg and Vice-President is Dr Neil van Zyl of Stellenbosch. Other Board Members are Stefan Terblanche, Gerhard van der Burgh, Georgina Jeurissen, Jacques le Roux and Richard Stevens.

Chief Executive Officer, Dr Michael Bradfield, is supported by six staff members. The Wagyu Certified Beef Program (CWB) aims to ensure the integrity of the South African Wagyu beef supply chain and to assure the end customer of product reliability and quality. The minumum marble score for CWB is 3, there is a maximum Bos indicus content and there are other definitions for certification.

588 Fullblood Wagyu calves born in 2017 were registered in South Africa. This is an increase of 51% over the previous year's calf crop during phenomenal growth in the Wagyu breed.

Brian Angus introduced the Wagyu breed to South Africa in 1999. Embryos from Takeda Farms in USA using TF Terutani and TF Itohana 2 were implanted by Woodview Wagyu at Arlington, Free State, in local surrogate cows to produce the foundation for the pure herd. Subsequently Brian impoorted imported embryos from Australia and bought donors there for flushing in Australia and exported from them. Many other breeders have entered the market so that now, only 18% of the registrations of Fullblood calves born in South Africa were from Woodview and another six breeders registered more than 20 calves each. The second highest number of registrations is from Ebuhlanti Wagyu Breeders. A chart below shows the registration numbers for the nine herds that registered 67% of last year's calves.

Record prices were paid for Wagyu in 2018 in Australia and South Africa by South African buyers. Lake Wagyu from Australia has been breeding in South Africa and their genetics (including Chokyori 1713) will be available from the Platinum RSA Wagyu auction at Castle de Wildt, Limpopo on 15th February 2019.

Johan van Zyl of Willow Creek Wagyu has a passion for breeding superior cattle as he was involved in the breeding of Stud Bonsmara cattle for many years and decided to focus efforts to help establish the Wagyu Breed in the South Africa. Willow Creek Wagyu runs a Purebred and Fullblood breeding programme near Heilbron in the Freestate  using Simmental cows to carry imported Fullblood embryos and a Fullbood Bull  on Angus and F1 Crossbred Wagyu X Angus females to produce superior genetics and quality Wagyu meat.

Wagyu cross steaks on the menu in the Pool Room Restaurant on Oak Valley Estate at Elgin in the Western Cape have attracted diners from Cape Town. The estate was founded in 1898 by Sir Antonie Viljoen who had graduated in medicine at Edinburgh University. He was interned during the Boer War having signed up as a doctor with the Boer Army. Subsequently he was knighted for his reconciliation between the Boers and the English in South Africa after the war. A visionary, he introduced deciduous fruit orchards to the Elgin Valley. This led to the establishment of vineyards. 4,000 oak trees cover 30 hectares of the farm as his will stipulates that they may not be cut down. Pork produced on the property is enhanced by the feeding of acorns which improve texture and impart rich flavour.

Simmental cattle are reared on 800 hectares of open pasture. Wagyu embryos were imported from Australia in 2007 by Anthony Rawbone-Viljoen. They were implanted into Simmental cows to generate the Oak View Wagyu fullblood herd. Pure Wagyu will be available from 2016 but Wagyu cross beef is already on the menu. Wagyu have imparted a richer and deeper flavour to the Simmental beef.

Chart of Wagyu registrations by herd in South Africa of calves born in 2017

Photo of Wagyu and calf at Woodview Genetics Photo of Wagyu at Woodview Wagyu

Semen & Embryos that are accredited for export to South Africa.

Academy Red Wagyus Recital J34 Red Academy Red Wagyus
Academy Red Wagyus Tambo H18 Red Academy Red Wagyus
Bald Ridge Henshin Red Bald Ridge Wagyu
Bimbi Itoshigefuji 2/1 Black Oasis Collection Centre
Bimbi Michiyama Black Oasis Collection Centre
Chokyori 1713 Black Lake Wagyu
Echigo Farms Maifuku Black Echigo Farms
Ginjo Marblemax Hiranami B901 Black Mike Buchanan
Goorambat DoubleSixty K473 Black Goorambat Wagyu
Goorambat Mr Marble K483 Black Goorambat Wagyu
Goorambat Terutani F146 Black Goorambat Wagyu
Goshu Yasuzane Black Goshu Wagyu Genetics
Hirashige Tayasu "001" Black Westholme Wagyu
Itomoritaka "002" Black Westholme Wagyu
IWG Itomoritayasu 107 Black Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Judo 79Z Red Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Kimifuku 117 Black Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Rueshaw 74Z Red Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Umemaru 69Z Red Idaho Wagyu Genetics
Kalanga Red Star C402 Red Bald Ridge Wagyu
Kitateruyayasu Doi "003" Black Westholme Wagyu
Lake Wagyu C87 (sexed) Black Lake Wagyu
Sumo Michifuku K430 Black Goorambat Wagyu
Sumo Seisakushu C221 Red Gabni Wagyu
TF Fukutsuru 004 Black Takeda Farm
Trent Bridge F115 Black Trent Bridge Wagyu
Westholme Hirashigetamana Black Westholme Wagyu
Westholme Hirashigetayasu Z278 Black Academy Red Wagyus +The Wright Wagyu
Echigo Farms Maifuku ♂
Goorambat H284 ♀
Black Goorambat Wagyu
Goorambat DoubleSixty K473 ♂
Goorambat K552 ♀
Black Goorambat Wagyu
Heart Brand Red Emperor ♂
Gabni Rubi ♀
Red Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Itomoritayasu 107 ♂
IWG Ms Kimifuku 022X ♀
Black Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Itomoritayasu 107 ♂
Ms CHR Kitaguni 245T♀
Black Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Kimifuku 117 ♂
IWG Ms Itoshigenami 023X ♀
Black Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Rueshaw ♂
Coates Tsuki ♀
Red Idaho Wagyu Genetics
IWG Umemaru ♂
Coates Taiyo ♀
Red Idaho Wagyu Genetics
Lake Wagyu C87 ♂
Lake Wagyu E008 ♀
Black Lake Wagyu
Lake Wagyu C87 ♂
Moyhu H130 ♀
Black Lake Wagyu



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