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American Akaushi Association

American Wagyu Association

Asociación Chilena de Ganado Wagyu (Chile)

Asociación Nacional de Criadores de Ganado Selecto de raza Wagyu (Spain)

Asociación Wagyu Mexicana A.C. (Mexico)

Associação Brasileira dos Criadores Wagyu (Brazil)

Australian Wagyu Association

Canadian Wagyu Association (inactive)

Český svaz chovatelů masného skotu (Czech Republic)

La Asociación Argentina de Criadores de Wagyu (Argentina)

New Zealand Wagyu Association

Texas Wagyu Association

Uruguay Wagyu Breeders Society

Wagyu aus Österreich (Austria)


Wagyu Breeders Association Ltd (British)

Wagyu Cattle Breeders' Society of South Africa

Wagyu France

Wagyu Registry Association (Japan)

Wagyu Society of South Africa

Wagyu Verband Deutschland (Germany)

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Meat & Livestock Australia

Meat Standards Australia

Queensland Country Life

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Environment, science and welfare

Australia red meat industry will be “carbon neutral” by 2030 while MLA also looking at being “climate neutral”.

Scientists understand that cattle are not climate villains, but the media is still missing the message

FAO: 86% of feed eaten by livestock is not suitable for human consumption. Cattle convert 0.6kg protein from feed to 1.0kg protein in milk and beef.

GlobalMeat: European Parliament votes to ban clones

Grazed and Confused - a response from the Sustainable Food Trust

Is a meat-free diet morally superior?

Is hydroponic growing really Organic? The dilemma.

It takes 21 litres of water to produce a small chocolate bar, 52 mL orange juice, or 160 g of uncooked beef. The Conversation.Sheep drinking from depleting water storage between Pooncarie and Menindee in western NSW

Livestock: On our plates or eating at our table?

Methane emissions, Media omisions

Response to UN from Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, 11th August 2020

Water footprint to produce current Australian diet. Improvements to quality of diet and reduction of water: Ridoutt et al, 2019

WHO does it again - guidelines "not supported by science" - USDA chief scientist

Why Australia needs biosecurity: Dr Gary Fitt

Health associations

American Heart Association

British Dietetic Association

National Health Service

National Heart Foundation of Australia

Health reports and opinions

11 health benefits of eating beef

AMI video: Why cutting out meat isn't healthy.

DGE position: "Vegan Diet".

Do GMO foods harm livestock?

Do vegetarians live longer? Probably, but not because they are vegetarians.

Eating fat vs Getting fat - Gregory Bloom challenges guidelines

Famed vegetarian cookbook author Nadine Abensur now a 'born again meat eater'.

Media again publishes damaging false claims about 'Mad Cow'

Myths and misunderstandings about Omega 3 and Oleic acid in beef by Prof Smith

New study shows high protein foods (including beef) boosts cardiovascular health in women.

Omega 3: One low dosage rate trial does not overturn requirement of 1 g DHA to improve cognitive decilne.

Research: Grass fed vs grain fed ground beef - no difference in healthfulness

Research: Vegetarian diet associated with poorer health, higher need for health care and poorer quality of life.

Replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats and not refined carbohydrates. Harvard review.

Signs that you have an iron deficiency.

Study funded by WHO finds no link between saturated fats and ill-health.

What's the story with Genetically Modified Food (GMO)? American Council on Health & Science.

Japan information

Japan Meat Grading Association

Japan Meat Information Service Center - What is Wagyu?

Livestock Improvement Association of Japan

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Media and News

1080 bait use in Australia: Don't confuse possum baiting in NZ with feral dog control in Australia. Domestic dogs killed by 1080 have invariably strayed into National Parks during advertised campaigns (AVPMA)

160,000 cage free chickens killed by eagles

3D printed meat on the way

ABC TV reporting lacks context again

African Swine Fever in China shifts global protein picture

ALEC slams RSCPA over 'shallow and misguided' campaign

AWA conference paper: John Condon reports on Prof Smith "Omega 3 and Oleic acid in beef"

Cooking the perfect steak by Adam Liaw - how often to turn?

Cooking the perfect steak by Adam Liaw - heat, oil, pan and resting after cooking.

Cooking the perfect steak by Adam Liaw - sear or fastest cook?

FAO: 86% livestock feed is not suitable for human consumption. Cattle convert 0.6kg protein from feed to 1.0kg protein in milk and beef.

Feeding the hungry world

How science continues to be stifled in nutrition guidelines in USA

Inconsistencies in draft USDA Dietary Guidelines

Instrument grading progress in Australia. DEXA. MSA or camera for marbling?

Iodine low in organic milk

Is ABC too close to Animals Australia?

Meat-free advocates are preaching a misleading message

Organic segment fails to maintain adequate price premiums

PETA's latest fake news - computer generated video is produced

PETA's "Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine" only has 8% physicians in membership

Protein and haem vs non-haem iron

Response to UN from Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, 11th August 2020

The sugar conspiracy.

United in beef - not grassfed versus grain fed

USDA assists farmers up to US$12 billion in response to damage from Trump's Trade Wars

USDA's office finds that only 21% of New York Time Times report on animal welfare was accurate. 26 statements were inaccurate, lacked sufficient context or were uncorroborated

Vegan has bacterial overgrowth in gut so has to change diet

Will nutrigenomic advances ask more questions about the food we eat?

USA industry and information

Beef USA: National Cattlemen's Beef Association

URMIS: USA and Canadian beef wholesale names

USDA Economic Research Service: Cattle & Beef

USDA meat grading