Hirashiget WG045

Registration status Registered Germany
Registration no 10.204.576
Registration score 8-8-7
Sex Male
Birth date 6 February 2016
Calving date 2016
Sire Hirashigetayasu J2351 "001"
Dam GAW Sanshiga
Owner Wagyu-Genetics
Location Wiesbaden, Germany
Grade Fullblood
Colour Black
Wagyu Content 100%
C of Inbreeding 1%
Genetic Test Status B3 FU, CHS F, CL16 FU, F11 F
Tenderness 6
Fullblood Rotation Group C
Prefectural summary 52% Tajima, 30% Kedaka and 14% Fujiyoshi

Photo of Fullblod Wagyu bull Hirashiget WG045 Wagyu-Genetics Uwe Jerathe displayed on Wagyu International

Hirashiget WG045 is a bull from ET with an outstanding pedigree. His semen is the first sire that Uwe Jerathe is offering from his own Wagyu-Genetics breeding.

Pedigree of Hirashigat WG045
Pedigree for Black Wagyu sire Hirashiget WG045 Uwe Jerathe Wagyu-Genetics

His father is Hirashigetayasu, one of the "Foundation Sires" of Westholme in Australia. He comes directly from Dai 20 Hirashige, who was line-bred to Kedaka and in Japan earned special status with a total of over 75,000 offspring! This genetics also has a lot of growth potential in addition to good maternal properties. On the maternal side of Kedaka, there is also outstanding marbling from ancestors from Hyogo prefecture. The mother of Hirashiget WG045 is Sanshiga. She has very high Tajima share despite a weight of 680 kg! Sanshiga has many of the world's famous bulls in her pedigree: Sanjirou, Shigeshigetani, Haruki II, Michifuku and JVP Fukutsuru 068. There is also Suzutani (on both sides of her pedigree) and Okutani. She also has very good results in embryo production!

Prefectural bloodlines for Hirashiget WG045
GROUP Taji Keda Tott Itoz Shim Okay Hiro Othe
C 52% 23% 7% 1% 0% 13% 2% 2%

The Tajima content dominates in Hirashiget WG045. However, the Kedaka, Tottori and Okayama lines combine to 43%, so that he is classified as a group C bull for the Wagyu Fullblood Rotation, as growth has the highest ranking in his EBV predictions from his pedigree. It is therefore expected that progeny from Hirashiget WG045 will not only demonstrate strong growth and size, but also high milk yield and fertility. This should be accompanied by good marbling due to the high Tajima content. He is free of known genetic recessive conditions. Thus, he can be used without restriction for fullblood breeding.

Breedplan Estimated Breeding Values for Hirashiget WG045
Predicted EBVs for Black Wagyu sire Hirashige WG045 semen sold by Wagyu-Gentics Uwe Jerathe

Wagyu International chart showing predcited EBV percentile bands for Hirashiget WG45 bull owned by Uwe Jerathe Wagyu-Genetics

The predcited EBVs are cherted and the prominence above Midpoint for Growth, Size, milk and fertilty is demonstrated. Most carcase attributes are above average.

Unsexed and female-sexed Hirashiget WG045 semen is available. Embryos can be flushed on order as required. Visit Uwe Jerathe at Wagyu-Genetics for more information. Click here.