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The Wright Wagyu / Academy Red Wagyus

Barbara Roberts-Thomson


80 Roseneath Lane


NSW 2350


Telephone: +61.2.6772 1856 or 02 6772 1856 Office

Facsimile: +61.2.6772 1856 or 02 6772 1856


Welcome to 'Academy Red Wagyus', a producer of high quality Fullblood and Purebred Black and Red Wagyu and Wagyu Angus. Photo of Westholme Hirashigetayasu Z278 with Black Wagyu cows and calves Situated in the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia, we continuously strive to breed good marbling into functional and efficient, high growth cattle. Bull production, semen and embryo sales and selling of stud females are our business.

All available tools are used in pursuit of excellence in breeding. Artificial insemination, embryo transfer, Japanese Exon 5 and SCD testing, Breedplan -  measuring growth, milk, fertility traits and carcass traits.  Frame score and carcass feedback.

'Academy Cattle Company' was established in 1998 with high percentage Purebred Wagyus.  A few years later, Barbara, with her husband PDA (David Wright) purchased 4 Fullblood cows and 100 Photo of Red Wagyu cow with calf from Academy Red Wagyus herd in Armidaleembryos of the very best genetics available and expanded into Fullblood production.

After the passing of David in 2006, Barbara changed the name of the stud to 'The Wright Wagyu' and a park was planted as a memorial to the great contribution David made to the beef industry in Australia - particularly in the area of Research and Development. One of David’s beliefs was that Wagyu cattle had a vital part to play in the improvement of meat quality in the national beef herd.

Barbara Roberts-Thomson had spent twenty years very successfully breeding Hereford and Poll Hereford cattle. Curiosity arose when she first heard of Wagyu having the best meat quality, as defined by more tender, juicy, and better tasting meat, containing omega Photo of Black Wagyu yearling heifers of The Wright Wagyu herd3 fats which are beneficial to our health. The first cow was purchased and a gradual changeover was made as the performance of these truly efficient and problem-free cattle was realised.

The Black Wagyu herd was sold to Peter and Jane Hughes of 'Hughes Pastoral' in 2011 and Barbara is still involved with the breeding at "Colomemby Station". She has retained the Red Wagyu/Akaushi herd in Armidale.

450 females are joined in both herds each year and the policy is to stabilise a herd of ¾ Tajima genetics for superior marbling, with ¼ Kedaka and Fujiyoshi lines for size, milk and conformation. The genetic diversity adds to a stronger constitution.

Our chief bloodlines for Black Wagyu:
The Westholme lines of ETJ001, ETJ003 and ETJ002Photo of Red Wagyu heifers from Academy Red Wagyus.
The Takeda-bred TF40 and 40/1 TF147, TF148, TF151.
Michifuku and sires going back to 068, Kitaguni, Takazakara, Haruki 11.

The Red Wagyu herd consists of both Akaushi Reds and a small number of high Tajima Reds which go back many generations to Rueshaw. The chief sires are ACC Master Chef E146 (pictured on right of the photo, above on the right side), ARW Tambo H18, son of ACC Tambo E161 (pictured on the left in the photo) and SMO Big Al E211. The female lines go back to Shigemaru, Tamamaru, Hakari, Big Al and HB Red Emperor and HB Red Star.

Both herds join their heifers at 12 – 15 months to yearling bulls to calve in June / July each year. The adult cows calve one month later. The heifer calves are weaned in the early autumn at around 200-250 kgs, then fed grass and silage to get them up to a joining weight of 250-300 kgs.

The top bull calves on performance are kept as sires and the Westholme Hirashigetayasu Z278 Black Wagyu bull with accredited semen for export from The Wright Wagyuremainder of the young bulls are transferred to Hughes Pastoral northern properties. The Red Wagyu bulls are available for sale as yearlings.

Our sires have:

* The ideal Japanese DNA for marbling, growth and desired fat

* Are high performers on Breedplan for growth and carcass traits

* Are from superior cow families by the best available AI sires

* Are structurally very good, large in their testicles and quiet

Semen from top performing bulls, Westholme Hirashigetayasu Z278 and Academy Red Wagyus Tambo H18, is accredited for export.

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