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German Wagyu Academy

Sepp Krätz

Weinstraße 7a

80333 Munich


Telephone: +49 89 24292940 or 089 24292940

Facsimile: +49 89 295442 or 089 295442



Our values: "Responsibility, tradition and passion." These are values that push us to constantly develop what we do. Since the Photo of Wagyu cow with two colaves in pasture at German Wagyu Campusunmatched quality of Wagyu meat also depends heavily on rearing methods, traditional and species appropriate animal husbandry: this stands as our core priority. It is also necessary that cattle are allowed to roam freely on lush pastures with the best possible freedom of movement; and in the winter, on deep straw in modern enclosures and given natural mineral rich feed such as harvest-fresh grain and sun-dried hay from neighbouring farms. The entire enterprise works towards a sustainable economic model. The rearing of Wagyu cattle from birth to slaughter, complies with very strict and explicit guidelines. This refined approach, combined with the responsible use of resources, works towards an optimised quality of meat. The seamless tracking of each product is a top priority for us. Our customers quite rightly expect to know where our meat comes from and who is responsible for its quality.

These days it is absolutely necessary that consumers have a feel-good experience when it comes to buying food. Sustainability and Photo of Wagyu steak being grilled on open flame at German Wagyu Campustransparency is therefore firm components of our business philosophy and only through this can a relationship of trust between us and our customers develop, both today and in the future. Our endeavour is to establish our German Wagyu breed as an internationally recognised standard of quality and therefore as a world-class gourmet delicacy. What drives us? A sheer passion for excellent meat and the unadulterated enjoyment of it!

Our Aims: Demand for the much-coveted Wagyu meat is at an all-time high. Despite the fact that it is possible to buy certain Photo of barn on German Wagyu Academy owned by Sepp KraetzWagyu online, or in restaurants and delicatessens, this is mostly flash-frozen meat shipped from the US or Australia. Wagyu meat from domestic cattle is therefore extremely difficult to find. “My intention was to revitalise the family business by establishing pure Wagyu offspring, bred with an impeccable pedigree of Wagyu meat; as well as hybrids from high-quality, DNA tested domestic cattle breeds. This cross allows the best of both breeds to be combined: Simmental breeds display a gentle marbling but mature quite quickly; Wagyu however, mature relatively slowly, but show a very high level of marbling (IMF). The result is an increase in the quality of German domestic beef and the development of Bavarian farming methods to a highest possible quality at a reasonable price. If you want to breed the best beef in the world, we would be happy to advise and support you in setting up your own herd.

The Breed: The word ‘Wagyu‘comes from the Japanese (Wa = Japanese, Gyu = Cow). Since Wagyus yield the most expensive Photo of Wagyu bull owned by Sepp Krätzmeat in the world, as a product, it stands for luxury and quality like no other. This breed of cattle, bred in Japan and well-known as Kobe beef, has not always been considered to be a delicacy. Owing to their particular intramuscular fat distribution and high levels of stamina, Wagyus were predestined to become beasts of burden and were provided to paddy field workers by order. This has since changed. Due to their specific genes, this breed of cow has a higher muscle-fat distribution and a typical marbling of the meat which produces an unsurpassable taste. Various bloodlines exist within the Wagyu breed. Tajima and Itozakura are two of the most important. The first step was then taken – these high level bloodlines were combined. The basis of high-quality meat is a perfect ratio of muscle mass to marbling.

Sepp Krätz: Who could be more appropriate than the once youngest master butcher in Bavaria? Exactly! As the son of a Photo of Sepp Kraetz with family and Wagyu on German Wagyu AcademyBavarian farming family, Sepp learnt from an early age what it meant to deal with and be responsible for the farm and to take care of the livestock. At the age of twenty, he passed his apprenticeship as the youngest master-butcher in Bavaria and his ascent into the world of meat had begun. Considering his background it is not surprising that the best meat in the world had roused his interest. This highly coveted meat is however rare and is therefore so expensive that it causes many gourmets, many sleepless nights. Sepp felt that it was high time that this practice was brought to an end, and he made it his aim to breed Wagyu cows. As well as pure breed Wagyus in the family farm close to Ammersee, he also raised a Bavarian Wagyu (cross-bred with a Simmental). Sepp strives for a holistic approach: breeding, nutrition, rearing, processing, marketing and sales. And the concept is as follows: He understands his craft, gives his animals enough time to develop, tends to them, and therefore lays the foundations for perfectly matured meat for ultimate enjoyment. Sepp and meat: that means tradition.

Wholeness: Out of our respect for the animal and for nature, it is clear to us that we must use the entire animal and not only the so-called ‘premium cuts’. Photo of Wagyu sausages being grilled by German Wagyu CampusTherefore, we take a variety of cuts, and we are able to provide the perfect piece of meat for every taste. Every single cut tastes fantastic, exactly as it should. Our burgers and beefsteaks are two of our specialities. Naturally, we also offer delicacies such as pastrami and pure beef salami. A Wagyu burger in a brioche bun, the juiciest steak in the world, bresaola, carpaccio or pastrami from the breast? You decide! One thing stands out: This premium meat offers every connoisseur a treat! Our Wagyu burger is distributed by Pier 7 Foods, RUNGIS Express and Frische Paradies. Wagyu beefsteaks are available from Frische Paradies. We will be pleased to provide all necessary contact details on request.

The Meat: Why are all gourmets crazy about Japanese premium beef? This question is no longer posed once one has tasted a piece Photo of highly marbled Wagyu beef from German Wagyu Academyof the strong red Wagyu meat. The exquisite juiciness melts the meat like butter on the tongue and yields an incomparably nutty and robust flavour and the unique Wagyu aroma. Where does this come from? Wagyu have exceedingly soft meat whose flavour derives from its unique marbling. In addition to this, Wagyu meat is nutrient-rich and healthy. It is low in cholesterol and contains up to 30% more unsaturated fatty acids than meat from other cattle breeds. Due to the high proportion of Omega-3 fatty acids, Wagyu meat contributes to a healthy diet. The result: an incomparable and healthy taste experience.

Wittelsbacher Land: It is clear from the name 'Wittelsbacher Land,‘ that this is a region of Bavaria. The Bavarian Royal Family Photo of Wagyu romping in pasture with handler on German Wagyu Academy in Bavariacould well have taken up residence anywhere, but they chose the spot between Munich, Augsburg and Ingolstadt to be their royal ancestral seat. In fact, the rich green pastures, the charming rolling hills, the clear lakes, and the rich soil prove that is the ideal foundation in which to be based and to feel truly at home. We also love and treasure this special place, and stand consciously and actively for the region, promoting the regions farming and its rich tradition – we stay close to the heart of what we hold dear: Our heart beats Bavarian!

The Genetics: Highest quality Wagyu beef is the end product from German Wagyu Academy in the culmination from all of the valuable components. Additionally, breeding animals, semen and embryos are available to purchase. Some of the bulls and a donor are displayed on this website. Embryos from other high performers in German Wagyu Academy can be made to order.


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