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Lake Wagyu

Ken & Judy Dungey

31 Riverdale Crescent


VIC 3818


Telephone: +61.3.5625 3633 or (03) 5625 3633


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Lake Wagyu is a division of Bullocks Bow Bend Pastoral Services and has been Lake Wagyu yardsinvolved in the Wagyu industry since 1997. Even in those early days, we could see the enormous potential for Wagyu to achieve great advances in the Australian cattle industry as a whole. Indeed, there is every reason to believe that Wagyu genetics will improve the entire world beef herd.

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The venture commenced with a successful Wagyu F1 (first cross) herd, selling weaner steers for live export to Japan.  We developed an interest in fullblood cattle breeding and within a short time had a small herd of very good Wagyu full blood heifers and some bulls.  In 2004 we ceased F1 production and began to concentrate on creating a fullblood donor herd with the best possible available Lake Wagyu B31 donorgenetics.  Through embryo transfer we soon had a good sized herd of excellent donor heifers.  We had formed a strong relationship with several very experienced cattle producers such as Peter Falls of Malton Shorthorns, Sharon Oates of Oasis Genetics, David Morris of Bass Valley Embryos, Dominic Bayard of Global Genetic Solutions and a network of Angus cattle producers, including Geoff Sherman of Bundi in  Western Victoria.

Our philosophy is to put the best people together with the most modern methods and create a working relationship that benefits everybody. By 2010, we were in partnership with many dedicated cattle breeders all over Victoria and NSW, raising top class stud Wagyu bulls and heifers from our transferred embryos.  We work with the best technicians and veterinarians to give our lovely recipient ladies every chance to do justice to their prize Wagyu calves.

Our buyers include breeders of Wagyu F1 steers and heifers for the live trade, those who grow for the feedlot market and indeed, the Lake Wagyu cowsfeedlots themselves.  We provide Wagyu embryos and semen for producers new to the Wagyu market who wish to establish their own full blood herds both in Australia and overseas.  We are in partnership with many dedicated cattle breeders all over Victoria and NSW who are raising top class stud Wagyu bulls and heifers from our transferred embryos.

Embryos are accredited for export to EU, South Africa, Columbia and Uruguay, USA and Canada, China, Russia, the Philippines and Indonesia. We can flush embryos to your specifications from Tajima, Shimane and Kedaka bloodlines from sires such as Michifuku, Westholme A107, Westholme 001, Westholme 003, Blackmore Aizatzurudoi Y398, Takeda Farms Fukutsuru 004 (son of the famous Fukutsuru 068), or our own Lake Wagyu C86, C87 or Moyhu 054 and many, many more. For example, Lake Wagyu Lake Wagyu donor cowD111, a son of Shikikan and is a very high Tajima content bull. He will produce great marbling gains in his progeny. One of our own sires is Lake Wagyu C87. He is a son of Michifuku out of a daughter of Itozurudoi. He has excellent growth and the capacity to pass on high levels of marbling to his offspring. We have used this cross extensively and the resultant calves are excellent, well balanced animals. Or our new export-ready bull, Moyhu 054 has totally different genetics and can be used for second generation matings.

Embryos with these genetics will produce outstanding foundation females in a full blood black Wagyu herd and the bulls will be well balanced, large framed animals able to pass on excellent marbling to their offspring.

We can provide a pool of readily available seedstock at very competitive prices, together with information and assistance to those unfamiliar with the Wagyu industry. Also, there are batches of Lake Wagyu embryos at Colorado Genetics, USA and at Embryo Plus in South Africa ready for immediate sale.

We have some domestic embryos for sale within Australia. The selected sires and dams represent the very best of Australian Photograph of sunset at Lake WagyuWagyu Genetics.

Over the past fifteen years, many herds have been created across several continents around the globe using frozen embryos and expertise from Ken and his team from Lake Wagyu. New export-ready genetics is rolling out after completion of extensive veterinary testing that is required for the accreditation of exports.


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