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Trent Bridge Wagyu Stud

Walter and Jennifer Perry

201 Nowlands Road


NSW 2350

Telephone (02) 6775 8332

Facsimile (02) 6775 8315


Trent Bridge Wagyu is a family owned cattle stud which has been breeding high performing Tajima bulls for the Fullblood and First Cross market for the last 11 years. 50 Fullblood Wagyu bulls are sold each year and are bred with a focus on marbling, growth and structural soundness. Jennifer and Walter Perry have also been producing First Cross Wagyu/Angus cattle to Japan and the domestic market and they have been recently joined by their son Charlie.

This Fullblood stud produces registered bulls and improvements through replacements alongside beef so it monitors what genetics works best in the market. These commercial F1 yearling steers photographed in sale yards are from Trent Bridge Wagyu bred bulls which run extensively in tropical Queensland. As active members of Breedplan and F1 50% Wagyu cross yearling steers at sale yards in Quuensland from Trent Bridge bullsusing Total Genetic Resource Manager services, Trent Bridge Wagyu is constantly delivering improvements in breeding quality. This year, Trent Bridge Wagyu earned highest price for an embryo at the Australian Wagyu Association 2016 Elite Breeders Auction.

The herd forages on the rugged Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia but bulls have been sold widely to work in all states of the eastern sea board including Tropical Queensland.

Wagyu International is delighted to launch and to be exclusive supplier of Trent Bridge Wagyu genetics to the export market. The semen and embryos offered in 2016-7 encompass the major Tajima bloodlines that have highest carcase Estimated Breeding Values together with a balance of some growth and milk. However bias is this selection is towards marbling. The Marble Score Estimated Breeding Value of sire Trent Bridge F115 is in the Top 1% of the Breedplan average for the latest Wagyu calf crop (in other words, he is ahead of 99% of the herd). The predicted Marble Score EBV for the embryos in this early 2017 offer are in the Top 5% of the herd, in the Top 10% for marbling fineness and in the Top 10% for Fullblood Terminal Index. This is confirmation of the depth of marbling in this export offering.

The Perry family sell semen, embryos and bulls to the domestic market in Australia. Contact Wagyu International for exports. Testing for recessive genetic conditions commenced in 2007 for Wagyu so for many years carriers had been exported during the expansion of the breeding herd globally from USA and Australia. Trent Bridge Wagyu has been extensively testing their herd and only exports genetics that is free from known recessive conditions.

View information on Trent Bridge F115 with semen available for export and in stock in Germany, Click here.