Wagyu-GeneticsGenetics-Wagyu fullblood Wagyu cows at Landau in Germany photo by Steve Bennett

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Our breeding goal is to build up a genetically superior animal population. The initial stock, which consisted of eight animals from five different matings, has been consistently expanded. Our own imports of semen and embryos are carried out in order to obtain as broad a genetics as possible, which does not necessarily conform to the current "mainstream".

Principally, in addition to the good marbling properties which are associated with Wagyu, breeding must produce good milk yield, as a prerequisite for successful suckler cow husbandry. Because Wagyu have the genetic disposition for marbling, it is equally important to feed the animals properly for best performance!

The Fullblood animals are registered in the German studbook, so that the traceability of progeny is secured.

In 2006, I started with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment with the Wagyu breed in Germany and can therefore look back on a comprehensive experience. As one of the co-founders of the German Wagyu Breeding Association, I focus on the systematic development and broadening of the genetic pool of this breed. This happens through selected imports as well as from our own stock. In the meantime, offspring from my breeding have found their way into many herds at home and abroad. Photo of Sarah, Uwe and Heike of Wagyu-GeneticsI maintain a comprehensive network of partnerships with breeders around the world and represent World K's in Europe.

Due to publicity, the demand for Wagyu beef increases in Germany. However, consumers also want to know where the meat comes from - due to the negative developments of recent years - so that marketing directly to the consumer is becoming more important. I have already sold several animals with very good response directly at weekly markets. Consumers are excited about the quality and freshness of the product. Feedback from our customers improves our breeding.

I visit numerous Wagyu events with my partner Heike Gundlich and we contribute to the growth of this special breed in Europe.
Now, the second generation joins the Wagyu breed. The knowledge of my daughter Sarah Jerathe is based on a study of agriculture and practical experience in herd book breeding. This will ensure the continued presence and development of our breed into the future!

Semen is offered for the first time from a Wagyu-Genetics sire – the Kedaka bull Hirashiget WG045 – together with other leading imports.

Semen and embryos from the 98.4% Purebred homozygous polled bull, Kiramusuko II, are available on request.

For enquiries about semen and embryo purchases, visit Wagyu-Genetics homepage, here.